Biggest secret of being fit: before and after workout nutrition

Biggest secret of being fit: before and after workout nutrition

Biggest secret of being fit: before and after workout nutritionI started to workout because I wanted to lose all that fat and become fit instead of fat. You'd think that after you start to workout regularly, you are on a winning run towards fit city. Let's see what you need to eat to lose weight and become fit.

The truth is that there is a difference between losing weight and becoming fit. I wanted both: to lose weight and excess fat AND become fit.

4 steps to lose weight

The only problem was that I only knew and did the usual steps I needed to make towards losing weight and burning fat. It was good for losing weight, but it did not prepare me for what was waiting for me after I’ve hit the healthy weight range. Let me share my 4 steps of how to lose weight:

Step 1: Cut off junk food

Biggest secret of being fit: before and after workout nutritionCutting back on junk food meant skipping fast food and processed food. Junk foods include salty snacks, gum, candy, sweets, fried fast food, sugary beverages. Foods such as hamburgers, pizzas and tacos were put in a healthy food category! Am I crazy? No, I am not! I just stopped ordering or buying pizzas at fast food stands: instead I prepared them at home. I’ve changed the usual processed ingredients to healthy ones (fish, fresh vegetables, herbs and a crust made from whole-wheat flour), so a healthy home-made pizza was born!

Step 2: Eat healthy

What does eating healthy even mean? For me it means eating smart. Do I eat sweets? Yes! But instead of cupcakes and chocolate bars I eat sweet fruits, dark chocolate (containing 70% or more cocoa) or make my own quick healthy snacks (crushed banana + coconut flour + ground flax seeds). I eat more vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water and drink green tea instead of coffee. I eat meat that is roasted in coconut oil it instead of deep frying it in a fancy coating. I try to eat fish almost every day!

Step 3: Eat less

Biggest secret of being fit: before and after workout nutrition
No more snowman cupcakes for you

Less what? Less of EVERYTHING! First I just ate less, but then I got scared that I am losing weight way too quickly in an unhealthy pace. So I started counting calories, and eating less at a caloric deficit.

Step 4: Exercise!

Regular exercise is the key. Going regularly was hard at first, but it helped me develop a core strength and losing those first pounds that was a base for further development. I could begin yoga, then switched to belly dance, and then zumba and gym with a personal trainer – and finally hit the normal weight range! To maintain my workout routine I continuously look for sources to motivate myself, have a way of keeping my exercises fun and exciting.

Started exercising pilates, yoga, belly dance, zumba, body weight exercise and finally weightlifting.

How to stop losing muscles at a healthy weight after weight loss

Yeey, I’ve lost weight and all that excess fat and finally I’ve hit the normal weight range! I am not obese nor overweight anymore! Way to go!

So now what?

Turns out I only learned how to lose weight. I had no idea how to become fit.

I figured if I continue what I do, I’ll become fit. It worked for awhile (look up noob gains for more reference), but eating less (at a caloric deficit) even when eating healthy suddenly made me lose weight and muscles! What is going on? Why am I losing my muscles instead of fat???

Should you track your macronutrients and calories?This is the point when I learned about macronutrients and that the ratio of fat/protein/carbs is important.

When I started tracking my ratio of fat/protein/carbs, I saw that I don’t eat nearly enough protein as I thought I was.

So I had to pay attention to my before and after workout nutrition as well.

When to eat: before and after workout nutrition

You want to know my secret? Timing is everything!

When to eat before a cardio workout: 2 hours before a cardio type of a workout such as zumba, belly dance, aerobics and such I eat a banana. It fuels my workout and my belly doesn’t feel bloated.

When to eat before strength training: half an hour before hitting the gym I eat a banana or drink a pre-workout shake. It fuels my muscles and I have strength to lift weights.

What to eat: before and after workout nutrition

Biggest secret of being fit: before and after workout nutrition
Nutella in a capsule before your workout for weightloss

Before workout choose one of the following:

After workout nutrition might include the following:

Before and after workout nutrition

Paying attention to what you eat before workout is important because it fuels your workout. This is especially true for weightlifting: on days I didn’t eat a banana or an apple before my workout, I felt I didn’t have enough strength and couldn’t lift much. On zumba classes I’ve became light headed if I didn’t eat 2 hours before my class. However, if I ate pasta or something else, I felt bloated and it was hard to workout.

After an intense weightlifting workout your body needs protein, so for optimal gains, you should consume fast digesting proteins before and after workout. You can build muscles faster if you give them fast-digesting protein/simple carb meals after a weightlifting session. See why you need to start lifting weights as a woman>>>

For best results, I suggest that you experiment with what you eat and when you eat it before and after your workout. To become fitter, start paying attention to your before and after workout nutrition!

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