It’s too hot outside! Guide on how to workout

It's too hot outside! Guide on how to workoutSummer is here and it’s too hot outside. It makes me want to skip my workout, so it got me thinking: how can I keep my workout schedule even when it’s too hot outside?

Workout routine when it’s too hot outside

Let me share my workout routine tricks with you when it’s too hot outside:

Routine #1: Early morning workout

It's too hot outside! Guide on how to workoutWhen the weather forecast says it’s going to be too hot outside, it’s all over the news as well, so I can prepare myself: I set my alarm an hour early, so I can do a morning yoga session before hitting the office. Morning workouts are awesome because you start the day with a feeling that you’ve already accomplished something (did your workout for the day).

Routine #2: Go swimming

It's too hot outside! Guide on how to workout
You see a pier, I see a push up workout opportunity!

Hitting the beach or pool with your friends after a day of hard work can be so rewarding! Just be sure not to lay around on the beach sunbathing, but make yourself active! Go swimming! Swim 20 fast laps, and your workout for the day is done! Time to relax with friends!

Routine #3: Exercise in the pool

It's too hot outside! Guide on how to workoutLook up a class of aqua aerobics around you or join an aqua zumba class! Wet workouts are a great way to get cardio exercise without breaking a sweat (well, actually you sweat, but it is washed away instantly)! Plus exercising in the pool makes less impact on your joints! Don’t have water workout classes near you? Get silly like me! Jump around in the pool, and do various workouts while your in the pool!

Routine #4: Hit the gym

The awesome thing about the gym when it’s too hot outside is that it has air conditioning! So basically you can stick to your usual workout routine even when it’s too hot outside to do anything! Just think of how awesome you will feel after your workout and get going! Get your heart pumping without overheating!

It's too hot outside! Guide on how to workoutRoutine #5: Join a workout class in the evening

Search for a group of workout enthusiasts who gather at night when it’s not too hot outside, and join them. It can be anything that you like to do from zumba, softball or running. Make friends when the sun sets and it’s not too hot outside!

Routine #6: Evening walk

Take a walk later in the afternoon when it’s not too hot outside with your loved ones. Don’t forget to take your dog with you!

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