Rude remarks you'll get after you become fit that you never got while fat

Rude remarks you’ll get after you become fit that you never got while fat

Rude remarks you'll get after you become fit that you never got while fatDo you get lifestyle advice based on personal opinion from people now that you are fit? Are those actually rude remarks about you being fit or advice that you would never hear if you were still fat? Learn how to respond to the rude things people tell you after you become fit that they would never tell the fat you!

Here are the most common advice people give after you become fit that they would never tell you while you were fat:

Rude remark #1: “You looked better fat…”

Do they believe that I will suddenly realize that I am way too fit (there’s no such thing) and I start shoveling in cupcakes after cupcakes until I become fatter than they are? Yes, they secretly hope so that I will. This would make them comfortable with the fact that they are overweight themselves. Let’s admit it: who wants to be reminded that their unhealthy weight surplus is something they could also work on?

People who say this believe that they are being honest and open with you. However, they would never ever say anything about you being too chubby while you were obese, because they consider it rude.

So how the heck is it acceptable in their head to comment your weight when you are fit and unacceptable to comment on your weight back when you were fat???

Obesity is okay because you can’t do anything about it, and being fit is not okay because you worked your ass and fat off for looking like this. [Tweet this!]

What they don’t know is that having a huge body is also a lot of work: you need to eat a lot of food for a lot of days to gain so much weight that will put you in the obese spectrum.

Rude remarks you'll get after you become fit that you never got while fat
“Julie, I swear you looked better while you had those excess 50 pounds!”

The hardest people are the ones who were once fit with little or no effort at all, but with aging they started to gain weight. Now they are on the edge of overweight/obese. They feel the worst when they see you, the girl formerly known as fat rocking those skinny pants and tank top. Well, heck, life is being unfair to them! You should not be looking like a 10 (see the “genetically gifted” Angels for reference) since you are now also over 30 years old. You should have more excess belly fat and a hundred of excuses of why you are not being able to lose weight and keep it off! The universe is just playing a trick on them by magically turning their forever fat friend into a Victoria’s Secret model. So they better fix this injustice by convincing you to stop. Just turn back into your normal old crappy fat self like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight. So they can go back to their everyday lives of no exercise and stop thinking about that belly fat of theirs being unhealthy.

Or you might have heard the “mild” version of it, the:

“You looked cuter when you were chubby”.

There is something seriously wrong in the head with these people if they believe that commenting on you being way too fit is appropriate, but commenting on someone’s weight if they are fat is just rude.

Choose your reaction to the rude comment wisely (depending on mood or your level of willingness to stay friends):

Response #1: If you know that you are in a healthy weight and body range, then you might as well just ignore them.

Response #2: Politely ask for their opinion of why they think that you looked better fat instead of fit. You’ll be surprised at their reaction.

Response #3: If you are really pissed off, turn into your rude Hulk self and in your most polite voice tell them:

“Well, you looked better fit/single/before having kids.”

So let’s see another good advice people will give you after you become fit that you never got while being fat.

Rude remark #2: “You got sick because you’re working out too much!”

Just screw you (excuse my language). I got sick because I’ve caught a virus from your child which he bought home from kindergarten and you’ve spread it at the office.

You injured your knee? Yeah, you should not work out that much. All that weight lifting is bad for your knees, you know. I will give you work advice I’ve heard from other fat people who occasionally visit the gym and come up with excuses why they should not make it a habit. Going to the gym 3 times a week and doing zumba as cardio is bad for you in the long run. I told you so it’s going to end badly.

Rude remarks you'll get after you become fit that you never got while fat
“So we can agree to ignore Jim here because he’ll certainly break his leg from all that rock climbing he’s been doing and miss the presentation of our project.”

These are the people who know that they should work out, and they see you do it. They are feeling bad because they don’t do it. So when an opportunity presents itself when they can blame your active, healthy lifestyle for some of the accidents or unexpected things that happen to you, they jump in. But you don’t hear them blaming fat people’s injuries and sickness for the lack of workout they are getting.

Your reaction to these comments could be that you just mention:

Response #1: “Remember that yesterday you had a headache after eating all that leftover birthday cake right after your pizza breakfast? All those carbs gave you Hyperglycemia, that’s why you’ve felt so lethargic lately.”

Response #2:  “You know how you get exhausted when the elevator is out of order and you have to use the stairs to reach the 2nd floor? That’s because you don’t work out at all.”

Did you notice that:

  • it’s always the unfit people commenting on your fit body, never the fit ones, because
  • fit people know how much effort it takes to look fit, so they appreciate the amount of work you’ve put into it and your commitment.

Don’t get discouraged by rude comments from people who are overweight themselves or not leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s their own insecurities they are projecting onto you.

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2 thoughts on “Rude remarks you’ll get after you become fit that you never got while fat

  1. Let’s not forget this one: “I’m afraid if you lose any more weight you’re going to get an eating disorder”. I wanted to punch more than one of my friends for saying that to me. Also “You need to stop cuz you’re getting TOO skinny now!” Admittedly I did lose a little more weight than I should have but I had to see that for myself. I still thought I was fat no matter what anyone else said so those comments were just really not helpful!

    1. I totally agree with you! I believe that people in general don’t like change, and especially if they see that you’ve changed your body… It’s unexpected so they end up saying all sort of things. None of my friends nor family had any helpful comments either, so I think I know exactly what you are going through! Just keep the healthy lifestyle up, and ignore the rude remarks! Or you can try to reply with witty things, like I did! Read it here>>>

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