4 things You'll wish You did before midnight on New Year's Eve

4 things You’ll wish You did before midnight on New Year’s Eve

4 things You'll wish You did before midnight on New Year's EveThere are many superstitions regarding New Year’s Eve. I am not going to talk about that. What I am going to share are 4 things that you’ll wish you did before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

1. Close 2015 and plan 2016

4 things You'll wish You did before midnight on New Year's EveSet aside a few hours before the end of the year 2015 to gather your thoughts and reflect about the year behind you. Looking back on your year before midnight on New Year’s Eve helps you become aware of your life and how you were spending your time. If you find that you are not satisfied with something that you did or didn’t accomplish this past year, you can plan to achieve it in the upcoming year. I find this ritual of closing the previous year and planning the next one to be really helpful in keeping me focused on the important things in my life and also in managing my time throughout the year.

A handy way to do the closing of 2015 and planning 2016 is simply by downloading this booklet and fill it out.

Fill the Year Compass now>>>

2. De-clutter and clean

4 things You'll wish You did before midnight on New Year's Eve
Ok boys, let’s clean the walls too!

There is nothing more rewarding than getting home from a New Year’s Eve party to a clean and clutter-free apartment! It will help you to start fresh a new year. It gets you into a better mindset when starting any of your new year’s resolutions. Clean house represents a blank state. So be sure to dust, vacuum and clean your apartment long before midnight on New Year’s Eve. Here are my 5 tips on how to achieve clean house and fit body>>>

Don’t keep the clutter and trash laying around either! Make room for new and fresh things in your life! This isn’t just about throwing out your old big clothes after losing weight or donating it; it is also about freeing up your life in order for new things to be able to enter it! Creating a capsule wardrobe is a great way to have less of your old big clothes laying around and freeing up space! De-clutter by creating yourself a capsule wardrobe! Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe here>>>

 3. Finish 2 things you said you would do in 2015 but never did

I have more than 2 things that I planned on finishing in 2015 that I never got around to. So my plan is to select 2 of them and finish them before midnight on New Year’s Eve! It can be anything from a promise that you made to a friend, to giving back that book that you borrowed or finishing that work project that you’d been putting aside. This will give you the feeling of accomplishment that you need before the end of the year.

4. Give someone the gift of your undivided attention

They say that you create your world with what you pay attention to.

When you give someone your attention, you’re sending a message that they are worthy of it. Choose a person you love and give them the gift of undivided attention.

How to give the gift of undivided attention?

4 things You'll wish You did before midnight on New Year's Eve
Yes son, I am giving you the gift of my undivided attention.

Face the person you are speaking with: look at their face, because this is how you can signal that you are paying attention to them. This builds trust.

Listen before you speak: giving attention means that you listen more than you speak. Don’t be quick to reply or answer everything that the other person is telling you. Just understand what he or she is trying to tell you or communicate to you. The best conversations happen when you just listen.

Rephrase and repeat what you just heard the other person saying to you. This way he or she can be sure that you understood what they were trying to communicate to you.

Just remember: listening is not the same as paying attention.

These are just some of the things that you can do to enrich your life and the lives of others between now and before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

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Is there something you’d like to add to this list? Feel free to do it by leaving a comment in the comments section!

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