Too cold outside to workout? That’s not an excuse

Too cold outside to workout? That's not an excuseWinter is here and you’re cold all the time. You skip your regular workout because it’s too cold outside. That’s not a valid excuse for you to stop regular workout.

Here is a guide to help you workout in the winter when it’s too cold outside.

You have 2 options for keeping yourself in shape during the winter (besides watching what you eat):

  1. Outdoor winter workouts in the cold
  2. Indoor winter workouts
Too cold outside to workout? That's not an excuse
This is a regular outdoor winter workout in Russia.

I suggest going outside to work out, even if it’s too cold outside! There is a list of winter workouts you could do when it’s cold outside. However if you are really demotivated to step outside of the warmth of your home, then indoor winter workouts are the answer you are looking for.

Let’s see how you can workout during winter when it’s cold outside:

Outdoor winter workouts

When you were a little girl you loved being outdoors during the winter! Now is the time to be that little girl again! Make the most of snow, rain and fog! There are various health benefits of spending time and doing your workout outdoors during the winter.

Benefits of working out outdoors during winter:

  • makes you more resistant to colds and flu
  • fighting winter depression
  • you get exposed to more daylight than spending time indoors during winter
  • having fun and enjoying yourself with outdoor winter activities
  • working out outdoors in the cold burns more calories than working out indoors

These are just some of the benefits of outdoor winter workout!

What outdoor winter workouts can you do to reap all the benefits of working out in the cold?

1. Shoveling snow

Shoveling snow is the ultimate outdoor winter workout! It gets your heart pumping, your body heats up, plus your doing a great job cleaning the driveway! 45 minutes of shoveling snow burns about 300 calories (based on a 68 kg/150 lbs person). So get yourself out there and offer to shovel that snow for the elders in your neighborhood!

2. Skiing

Too cold outside to workout? That's not an excuseSkiing is so much fun! If you have the opportunity to try skiing, don’t miss out on it! According to BUPA, moderate downhill skiing burns up, on average, 400 calories an hour, while uphill cross-country skiing can burn up to 1.000 calories an hour.

3. Ice skating

Too cold outside to workout? That's not an excuse
This is a figure skating pose you’ll be able to copy.

Get your booty on that ice rink and show the world what an ice skater you are! Depending on how heavy you are and how fast you are ice skating you You can burn between 250-670 calories while ice skating for 30 minutes.

4. Taking a walk in the snow

Too cold outside to workout? That's not an excuse
Post pictures or it didn’t happen!

If you don’t have access to skis, snowboard or ice skates, then going for a walk during winter is a great way to get your booty outside! Just be sure to dress warmly for the long walk and wear boots that are slippery-free if you plan on walking on icy paths.

5. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a cross between hiking and walking. Rent or buy a pair of snowshoes, dress warmly and enjoy the walk! Snowshoeing is hard work, so it will give you the exercise you need for the winter!

6. Hiking

Too cold outside to workout? That's not an excuse
Just don’t forget your pants, like Jim here.

Hiking is not just for summer months! The winter gives a wonderful view of the nature and a whole new world opens! Find a suitable hiking route and hit the road!

7. Snowboarding

Too cold outside to workout? That's not an excuse
Don’t forget the selfie, because it didn’t happen if you don’t post it online!

Try snowboarding! If you are a beginner, you will spend a lot of time on your back. However, even at light pace, snowboarding burns about 381 calories in 60 minutes. So give it a try this winter!

8. Sledding

Too cold outside to workout? That's not an excuseRemember how you loved sledding when you were a little girl? Time to relive those moments again! Who says you can’t sledge even when you are in your 30s?

9. Snowball fight

Too cold outside to workout? That's not an excuse
“Just act like you are throwing! Nooooo!!!!”

The best thing about snowball fight is that you don’t need anything else, just snow! And maybe some warm gloves! Invite your friends for an afternoon of snowball fight! Or just surprise them with throwing a snowball in their face!

10. Building a snowman

Too cold outside to workout? That's not an excuse
They are begging for the sun to end their suffering.

When there is snow outside that is an invite for you to become a kid again: build a snowman! Building a snowman burnes around 285 calories per hour! Invite family and friends for a snowman building! You could even start a snowman building competition in your neighbourhood!

If you have kids or pets, be sure to take them with you. They’ll be sure to enjoy the winter fun time you spend in outdoors in the snow or in the cold.

Indoor winter workouts

Another option to work out during the winter if you don’t feel like going out to the cold is if you workout indoors: go to a gym, or just do some exercises at home. This will get your body ready to handle the cold outside. If you are depressed or down and can’t even think of going outside to the cold, then working out indoors during winter will motivate you enough so that you make that first step. Start with indoor workouts, and then when you feel ready, step outside!

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