5 things fit people easily achieve after weight loss

Whatever your motivation was at the beginning that started you changing your life to live healthy and get from fat to fit, along the way you’ll find out that there are more positive things arising from being fit than you would ever imagine.

During your weight loss journey you are mostly concentrating on balancing your life around in order to incorporate exercise, paying attention to do the proper exercise forms, and doing this you forget to enjoy your achievements. Let’s remind ourselves what are those things that were hard when we were fat that we now enjoy exactly because we seem to do effortlessly now that we are fit.

Here are 5 things that fit people easily achieve after significant weight loss:

1. Run without breathe anxiety attacks

If you work out regularly, your endurance gets boosted without you noticing. Then one day you are late for work and need to run to catch the bus. Surprise! This time you actually caught the bus! It’s a great thing! After sitting down on the bus you realize that you did not get a breath anxiety attack while running, and running didn’t feel like your lungs are going to explode and you’ll die! Way to go! You just experienced one of the rewards of your hard workout routine! From now on, there will be no more awkward moments when you run to catch the bus and miss it.

2. Have better sex

Yes, it is true: sex gets better after you lose weight! It is not about the confidence and feeling sexy – you can feel self confident and love sex when you are overweight too. 5 things fit people easily achieve after weight loss 2The lack of stamina is not the only issue that changes after getting fit. It is about being physically fit to more freely enjoy sex with your partner without feeling physical discomfort. When you are overweight, small issues like wrist discomfort or your arms getting tired while pushing or holding yourself in a certain pose all take your attention away from the most important thing during sex: the person you are intimate with. And no matter how insignificant this might seem to you when you are overweight, it is that discomfort that keeps you from completely enjoying sex before the orgasm.

By being fit you will find out what it is like to fully devote yourself to the other person, and not get distracted by small things. This way you will feel more closer with your partner and can have a much more varied bedroom lifestyle. This is a wonderful feeling for both you and your significant other. So don’t cut yourself the pleasure, get more fit today!

 3. Easily carry heavy grocery bags

Carrying heavy bags and groceries without wrecking yourself is one of the most awesome things that you’ll experience after becoming fit! All those weight lifting exercises are now paying off! [Tweet this!]

Weight training is an important part of any fitness program. Combined with other cardio exercises, weight training can boost your strength, tone your muscles and help you lose fat. And no need to get someone to help you out with carrying the heavy  things! Shopping feels awesome every time, even carrying heavy bags!

4. Enjoy a party immensely

By being fit you are able to dance at a party or a festival and enjoy yourself without sipping on alcohol all the time. You are finding something to do, so you won’t be standing around feeling weird or getting bored fast. You can dance all you want and enjoy it. By being fit you have the essential stamina for jumping around all night long! You should entertain yourself by dancing even if you don’t know how to dance because:

  • who cares
  • that is how everyone is dancing so no one will notice
  • it is really fun
“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.”
Dance, dance, dance!

5. Experiencing tourist attractions on foot

Going on a vacation becomes a whole new experience after you become fit. You will look for a getaway that will keep you physically active and that will be challenging.

One way to achieve this is to walk around a city in order to experience its true essence, its soul. Your brain functions differently when you walk. Walks are good for your physical and mental health. Plus it is a new way of experiencing a place while on vacation: you get to engage with the community you are walking among.

Walk at your own pace, and take your time at special places if you wish. Just don’t forget to bring with you shoes that are comfortable.

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