How to find time to workout regularly?

How to find time to workout regularly?

How to find time to workout regularly?

Can't find time in your busy schedule to workout? I was like you once, but managed to develop a way to workout 5 times a week for an hour or more! Want to know how I did it? I share my 5 secrets on how to find time to workout in your everyday busy life for a healthy life!

Just think of your workout time as a start towards a new healthy life. Here are 5 tips to get you started on your journey towards living a healthy life and workout regularly:

1. Limit your time spent online and on social media

Chances are that you are spending your free time online browsing the internet and/or checking Facebook. My excuse was that after a long and hard day at work I am too tired mentally and physically to do anything else but stare blindly at the TV screen or Facebook. If you still believe this, then I have news for you: schedule a workout session instead of turning on the TV or your laptop.

By the time you finish your workout, you will feel positive about yourself, and the thought that you did something for creating a healthy life in the long run fulfills you much more than looking at pictures of your coworker’s best friend’s summer holiday in Dubai from 2010.

Remember my words the next time you are about to turn on the TV or open a tab to start typing “fac…” and stop right there. Instead go to YouTube and type in the search bar “yoga at home” and click on that 30 minute workout video and follow the instructions! Daily workout done! Welcome healthy life!

2. Spend time with friends while doing a workout

How to find time to workout regularly?
This could be you and your friends jumping happily instead of sitting and sipping coffee while complaining about your day at work.

As being a very social person who enjoys spending time with her friends, I found really challenging to say no to my friends when they asked me to grab a cup of coffee with them after work. But because I scheduled my workout right after work, I had to say no many times. And I felt awful about it, because I didn’t want my friends to think that I don’t like spending time with them.

So I came up with this thing: whenever one of my friends asked me if I want to grab a cup of coffee with them, I immediately asked if they want to join me at the gym or take a Zumba class with me instead. At first they were really surprised, but there were friends who happily said yes to a workout opportunity. And there were friends who later asked me if they could join me to workout on one of my Zumba classes.

3. Try out different workouts to find the one you truly enjoy

It wasn’t a fast journey  to find the right workout type that I enjoy and love. It took years to develop my current workout routine that  is challenging enough so I don’t get bored. So take it slow, try out different workout types: Pilates, yoga, aerobics, running, gym workout, Zumba, weight lifting and many more. There are plenty workouts you can choose from! You can workout at home by searching for workout videos on YouTube or you can join a class to be around other people to motivate you. Try out anything that could take you closer towards living a healthy life you always wanted!

4. Schedule your workout in advance

How to find time to workout regularly?
Schedule your workout advance for next week in your calendar.

The trick to sticking with a workout routine is to treat it as an appointment. So put your workout hours in your calendar. You wouldn’t miss an appointment with your dentist would you? So treat your workout session as that appointment: set your mind in that mode. Workout is equally important as your dentist appointments.

At first this will be hard, because everything around you will try to make you miss that appointment: family will ask you to do something important, friends will want to meet you for coffee and chitchat at that time, your phone won’t stop ringing. But you need to make it clear to yourself and to others: everything can wait an hour until you finish your scheduled workout session. This is the only way to get closer to living a healthy life.

Family and friends won’t respect your workout hours if you are not treating it as something you need to do whatever happens. You need to make that yoga class on Wednesday at 8 p.m. and everything else can wait for you to finish your scheduled relaxation.

5. Re-think your priorities

If you’ve read through this list and still think that you wouldn’t be able to fit a workout into your busy schedule, then you seriously need to re-think your priorities in life.

Just think about it: you believe in a healthy life mindset, and you would like to change your current lifestyle for it to be more healthy.

In order for you to make time for workout and live a healthy life you need to make it a priority in your life.

If it is important enough for you to live a healthy life, then you will find a way to make time for workout. [Tweet this!]

If workout and healthy life are not important enough to you, then you’ll find excuses. If you can’t fit workout into your schedule, then it means that you have other priorities in life which are currently more important to you than living a healthy life.

Take a time to re-think your priorities in life: what are the things that are more important to you currently than living a healthy life?

There is nothing wrong with that, just make it clear to yourself that you are not living a healthy life because you don’t want to. If you’d really want to, you’d find a way to make it happen.

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