Menstruation and workout: what You need to know

Menstruation and workout: what You need to know

Menstruation and workout: what You need to knowDo menstruation and workout go together or not? Tampon and pad ads suggest that you can do anything you want to during your menstruation, and there should be nothing holding you back from your workout during menstruation. But is it safe for your to workout during menstruation?

You would think that deciding to workout or not during menstruation will be based on how you feel while on your period: if you don’t feel like doing anything harder, then you stay home; if you feel like you need to get some moves on, you go and workout.

Or you might think that choosing the right type of workout is crucial – and you might be on the right track here.

But let me offer a different perspective on workout and menstruation.

What are the rules of workout during menstruation?

There are girls who workout during menstruation and then there are the girls who don’t workout while on their periods. Whatever your reasons are for exercising or not during your menstruation, there are important rules you must obey:

1. No inverted poses during menstruation

Menstruation and workout: what You need to knowSuch as headstands, handstands, shoulderstands or any other positions where your head goes below your heart.  Menstruation is downward flowing, so if you put your body into an inverted pose, you disrupt this natural flow. Menstruation is a natural cleansing process, as such it should not be reversed.

2. Avoid intense aerobic activities

Such as running, aerobics, dancing, jogging and other aerobic activities. It is true that heavy workout relieves cramps because it helps expel the lining of the uterus during menstruation. However, heavy aerobic activities during menstruation can injure the ligaments holding the uterus. During menstruation the uterus enlarges, so if you do intense aerobic activities, the ligaments that are holding the enlarged uterus can stretch beyond their normal range, and become lose.

3. Use lighter workouts during menstruation

Menstruation and workout: what You need to knowIf you feel like you need to workout during menstruation, you can. Just be mindful about choosing a lighter workout for those days: choose a class of menstrual yoga or pilates. Be sure to choose a class where the instructor is aware of the poses you should avoid during menstruation and the minor adjustments you should make to your practice while on your period.

However, I highly suggest that even if you feel like you can workout during menstruation, you take a step back from your regular workout.

Use menstruation days to connect with your inner self: during menstruation emotions run high and your intuition is the strongest. Take plenty of time to relax, to observe yourself, your feelings that arise and deal with them either by later making the necessary changes or by just letting go of the feelings.

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