Workout routine for building a better booty

Build a better booty workout routine

Workout routine for building a better bootyFinally, it’s FITspiration Friday !

Who wants a better booty to show off in her bikini? I do!

How do I get a better bikini booty for summer? I do exercises that work my booty!

Below is a complete workout routine I started recently in order to have a better booty for summer:

Build a better booty

with only 2 days per week

Day 1

1. Circuit (2-3 x 10):
Bodyweight Squat (or just Squat)
Bodyweight Glute Bridge
Lateral Lunge

2. Superset (3×10-12):
Weighted Glute Bridge
Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift

3. Superset (4×10-12):
Front Foot Elevated Lunge
Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

Day 2

1. Circuit (2-3 x 10):
Bodyweight Squat (or just Squat)
Bodyweight Glute Bridge
Lateral Lunge

2. Superset (3×10-12):
Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat
Kettlebell Lateral Lunge

3. Superset (4×10-12):
Barbell Deadlift
Lying Leg Curl

I do this workout program at the gym 2 times per week, but on the original website its from you can find a better booty program that you can do once, twice or three times per week, depending on your goals, time left until summer bikini season and workout schedule.

As summer is approaching, ask yourself what is is that you want to change on your body? If your answer is also like mine, that you want a better booty, then follow the above workout routine or head to the source to build yourself a better booty for summer!

I searched for various workout routines that I could incorporate into my gym workout to fit my goal of having a better booty for summer, and this was the best one out there.

When I looked at workout program laid out like this for the first time, I didn’t know what all these words meant or how I should read a workout program.

So what I did was: I searched for a video on how to do each of these exercises properly. You are lucky, because I included a link to a video showing how to perform an exercise in this routine.

I even came up with my own names for each of these exercises, so that I could remember them: Lateral Lunge was Step Left&Right, Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat was Step one leg back on stepper and  squat, and so on.

So let me explain what circuit and superset mean.

Circuit means that you complete that group of exercises with little rest in-between. One circuit consists of 3 exercises (e.g.: Bodyweight Squat, Bodyweight Glute Bridge, Lateral Lunge). Each exercise is performed for a set number of repetitions (10 times) before moving to the next exercise.

Superset is when 2 exercises are performed in a row without a rest in-between (without stopping).

So basically Circuit means that I have a little rest between the exercises, and Superset means that I don’t rest between the 2 exercises listed above in the workout program.

I already included a link to each of these exercises on how to perform them properly, so go on, head to the gym and build yourself a better booty for summer girl!

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