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3 myths you need to know about weight loss before you start

Starting a weight loss journey is challenging. Check out what are the noob mistakes that you make after beginning  a weight loss program. When you start thinking about weight loss while being overweight, you start with an idea in your head about weight loss. You believe that you know exactly what you need to do… Read More »

Downside to losing fat no one is telling you about (Part 2)

Boy, there are a lot of misconceptions among overweight people who are starting to lose weight about how their life will change for the better after weightloss and 4 of those misconceptions were cropped up in last week’s post. You found out about the psychological issues and wardrobe problems that will arise from getting from… Read More »

Downside to losing fat no one is telling you about (Part 1)

If you are anything like me, you assume that when you finally lose weight everything will change for the better, life will become magical! You will look like a fit model, your life will be rainbows and butterflies, and you’ll find happiness in all areas of your life at the end of your journey. Never… Read More »

How to stay motivated & stick to Your fitness routine

We’ve all had those days when we are more likely to tell ourselves that we are way too tired to go the gym or attend that one hour pilates class. You had a rough day at work, the dog needs a walk, those dishes won’t do themselves… I immediately start to feel depressed and my… Read More »